Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gchat is a misleading name...

...because i do not use it to chat with my G's. I miss AIM, but just like Livejournals written in pink on black backgrounds, it seems they are becoming just another thing dismissed as SOOO HIGHSCHOOL (and I'm the only one sayin ain't nothin wrong with that).

The list of people on my Gchat is arbitrarily decided for me by Google. Somehow, my best friends don't show up as my contacts, but a select few people who I hate having to do schoolwork with and the lady I babysit for do. And google has to be so damn user-friendly to the point that they're cryptic: Do I want to automatically appear on user's lists as previously specified by...I DON'T KNOW, GOOGLE! JUST LET ME TALK TO MY FRIENDS!

But only my friends. Because now that I see the lady I babysit for, and she sees me, i wonder if everyone I email can't use some setting also to see me. Is my professor looking on? My future employers? Whoever may be looking makes me to afraid to write expletives or emo lyrics as my bullshit Gchat mockery of an away message.

And don't you go telling me that's a good thing.